When you travel to a new city, at least for us, what we like the most is to immerse ourselves in its culture as if we were just another citizen, since this is how truly unforgettable travel experiences are lived. And that is what we take care of at Express Toledo, to offer you cultural activities in Madrid and its surroundings, such as visit Toledo in one day for example, accompanied by authentic locals so that you feel that you are also part of the city.

For this reason, on our website we have at your disposal Madrid guided tours in which you will be accompanied, at all times, by one of our tour guides who will be in charge of telling you the most hidden curiosities and secrets of the city.

Otro punto positivo de nuestros Madrid guided tours es que pueden unirse a ellos cualquier persona de cualquier parte del mundo ya que nuestros guías locales son bilingües y cuentan todas las explicaciones tanto en español como en inglés para que todas las personas se empapen bien de la historia de la ciudad.

In addition, reserving these tours of Madrid is something very simple to do since both the reservation and the payment for it are made through our website and the only thing you will have to do afterwards is go, with your purchase ticket, to the meeting place that we indicate to you since it will be from there where we start the excursion, together with the rest of the people who join the group, through the streets of Madrid.

Bús Turístico de Madrid

These are the madrid guided tours that we have for you

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a city in which the cultural offer is enormous and there is always something to do or visit. And, as the saying goes, Madrid never sleeps. For this reason, we have many plans at your disposal within our Madrid guided tours, although there are two that are the ones that always receive the most reservations from travelers who contact us and who join our groups, such as the bus tour Madrid and the flamenco show. And the truth is that they deserve to be our most popular activities because both are a different way of getting to know a city and getting closer to its culture, always accompanied by one of our local tour guides, of course.

To give you an idea of ​​what each of these two activities that are part of our Madrid guided tours consist of, we will tell you that in the first, the bus tour, you will tour the streets of Madrid sitting comfortably in a two-seater bus. plants, and convertible, while the tour guide tells you, live, his most hidden secrets. With the visit to a flamenco show we will take you to the oldest tablao in Madrid, the Torres Bermejas, so that you can enjoy in all its splendor one of the most characteristic cultural aspects of our country, flamenco. Both activities can be booked from today through our website and in a few simple steps. We will wait for you!

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